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Jean-Claude is a French masculine given name. Notable people with the name include: Jean-Claude Ades, an Italian electronic music producer Jean-Claude Amiot (born 1939), a French composer, music professor and conductor Jean-Claude Andruet (born 1942), a retired French professional rally driver Jean-Claude Bajeux, a professor and director of the Ecumenical Center for Human Rights in Port-au-Prince, Haiti Jean-Claude Baker, a French-born American restaurateur Jean-Claude Beaulieu (born 1944), a member of the National Assembly of France Jean-Claude Bergeron (born 1968), a retired Canadian ice hockey goaltender Jean-Claude Bertrand (born 1954), a retired French badminton player Jean-Claude Biver (born 1949), the CEO, board member and minority shareholder of Hublot Jean-Claude Blanc (born 1963), the former Chairman of Juventus FC Jean-Claude Borelly, a French trumpeter and composer Jean-Claude Bouchet (born 1957), a member of the National Assembly of France Jean-Claude Boulard (1943–2018), a French politician Jean-Claude Bouttier (born 1944), a French actor and former European boxing champion Jean-Claude Bras (born 1945), a French former professional football player Jean-Claude Brialy (1933–2007), a French actor Jean-Claude Briault (born 1947), a New Caledonian politician Jean-Claude Brisseau (born 1944), a French filmmaker best known for his 2002 film Secret Things Jean-Claude Cameroun (born 1973), a Cameroonian judoka Jean-Claude Carle (born 1948), a member of the Senate of France Jean-Claude Carrière (born 1931), an award-winning screenwriter and actor Jean-Claude Castera (born 1939), a Haitian painter Jean-Claude Casties (born 1936), a French former professional football player Jean-Claude Chermann, a French virologist Jean-Claude Colin (1790–1875), a French priest who became the founder of the Society of Mary Jean-Claude Colliard (born 1946), a former member of the Constitutional Council of France Jean-Claude Colotti (born 1967), a French former professional road bicycle racer Jean-Claude D'Amours (born 1972), a Canadian politician Jean-Claude Danglot (born 1950), a member of the Senate of France Jean-Claude Darcheville (born 1975), a French football striker Jean-Claude Darouy (born 1944), a French rower who competed in the 1964 Summer Olympics Jean-Claude Dassier (born 1941), the president of Olympique de Marseille Jean-Claude Decaux (born 1938), a French entrepreneur who earned his fortune in advertising Jean-Claude Deret (1921-2016), French television writer, author, actor Jean-Claude Dreyfus (born 1946), a French actor Jean-Claude Drouot (born 1938), a Belgian actor Jean-Claude Dunyach (born 1957), a French science fiction writer Jean-Claude Duvalier (born 1951), the ruler of Haiti from 1971 until his overthrow Jean-Claude Ellena, a French perfumer Jean-Claude Éloy (born 1938), a French classical composer Jean-Claude Etienne (born 1941), a French politician and a member of the Senate of France Jean-Claude Flabel, an author of aerospace engineering tex books Jean-Claude Flornoy (born 1950), a French specialist of the Tarot of Marseille Jean-Claude Flory (born 1966), a member of the National Assembly of France Jean-Claude Forest (1930–1998), a writer and illustrator Jean-Claude Fournier (born 1943), a French cartoonist Jean-Claude Frécon (born 1944), a member of the Senate of France Jean-Claude Fruteau (born 1947), a French politician and Member of the European Parliament Jean-Claude Gakosso (born 1957), a Congolese politician Jean-Claude Garoute (1935–2006), a Haitian painter and sculptor Jean-Claude Gaudin (born 1939), a French politician Jean-Claude Gayssot (born 1944), a French politician Jean-Claude Gérard, a well-known flutist Jean-Claude Germain (born 1939), a playwright, author, journalist and historian Jean-Claude Grumberg (born 1939), a French writer of children's books and a playwright Jean-Claude Guédon (born 1943), a Quebec -based academic Educationist Jean-Claude Guibal (born 1941), a member of the National Assembly of France Jean-Claude Guiguet (1948–2005), a French film director and screenwriter Jean-Claude Hamel (born 1929), the President of AJ Auxerre from 1963 to 2009 Jean-Claude Irvoas (1949–2005), a French employee of a street furniture firm Jean-Claude Iranzi (born 1992), a Rwandan football player Jean-Claude Izzo (1945–2000), a French poet, playwright, screenwriter and novelist Jean-Claude Juncker (born 1954), a Luxembourgian politician Jean-Claude Kebabdjian (born 1942), a French-Armenian editor and journalist Jean-Claude Killy (born 1943), a former champion alpine ski racer Jean-Claude Lauzon (1953–1997), a Canadian filmmaker Jean-Claude Labrecque (born 1938), a director and cinematographer Jean-Claude La Marre, a Haitian-American writer Jean-Claude Larréché, the Alfred H. Heineken Chaired Professor of marketing at INSEAD Jean-Claude Latombe (born 1947), a French -American roboticist Jean-Claude Lattès, a French publishing house Jean-Claude Lavaud (born 1938), a retired French football player Jean-Claude Lebaube (1937–1977), a former French Jean-Claude Lebensztejn, a French art historian and art critic Jean-Claude Leclercq (born 1962), a French former professional road bicycle racer Jean-Claude Lemoult (born 1960), a French former professional football player Jean-Claude Lenoir (born 1944), a contemporary member of the National Assembly of France Jean-Claude Leroy (born 1952), a member of the National Assembly of France Jean-Claude Leuyer (born 1970), an American kickboxer Jean-Claude Logé (born 1941), a Belgian businessman Jean-Claude Lorquet (born 1935), a professor of Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Liège Jean-Claude Magnan (born 1941), a French fencer and Olympic champion in foil competition Jean-Claude Malépart (1938–1989), a French Canadian politician Jean-Claude Maleval, a French lacanian psychoanalyst Jean-Claude Malgoire (born 1940), a French conductor Jean-Claude Marcourt (born 1956), the Belgian Minister of Economics and Employment Jean-Claude Martinez (born 1945), a French politician and Member of the European Parliament Jean-Claude Mathis (born 1939), a member of the National Assembly of France Jean-Claude Maurice (born 1943), a French journalist and a political scientist Jean-Claude Merceron (born 1942), a member of the Senate of France Jean-Claude Merlin (born 1954), a French astronomer Jean-Claude Mézières (born 1938), a French comic strip artist and illustrator Jean-Claude Mignon (born 1950), a member of the National Assembly of France Jean-Claude Milner (born 1941), a French linguist, philosopher and essayist Jean-Claude Mpassy, a German-Congolese football player Jean-Claude Mukanya (born 1968), a retired football player Jean-Claude Ndoli, a Rwandan-born football player Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier (1861–1930), a French landscape architect Jean-Claude Osman (born 1947), a French retired professional football defender Jean-Claude Panet (c. 1719 – 1778), a key figure in the 18th century community of Quebec Jean-Claude Parrot (born c. 1937), the National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers Jean-Claude Pascal (1927–1992), a French singer Jean-Claude Paye (born 1934), a Belgian sociologist Jean-Claude Pecker, a French astronomer, member of the Académie des sciences Jean-Claude Perez (born 1964), a French politician and member of the National Assembly Jean-Claude Peyronnet (born 1940), a member of the Senate of France Jean-Claude Pierre-Louis, the Chief Executive of Rodrigues island, Mauritius Jean-Claude Raphael (born 1973), a Mauritian judoka Jean-Claude Rakotonirina, a Malagasy politician Jean-Claude Risset (born 1938), a French composer Jean-Claude Rouzaud, the president of Champagne Louis Roederer Jean-Claude Skrela (born 1949), a former coach of the French national rugby union team Jean-Claude Rabbath (born 1977), a Lebanese high jumper Jean-Claude Renard (1922–2002), a French poet Jean-Claude Rivest (born 1943), a Canadian lawyer, politician and Senator Jean-Claude Rudaz (born 1942), a former racing driver from Switzerland Jean-Claude Sandrier (born 1945), a French politician and former mayor of Bourges Jean-Claude Schindelholz (born 1940), a Swiss football striker Jean-Claude Schmitt (born 1946), a prominent French medievalist Jean-Claude Thomas (born 1945), a member of the National Assembly of France Jean-Claude Tochon, a Swiss slalom canoer Jean-Claude Tremblay (1939–1994), an ice hockey defenceman Jean-Claude Sebag (born 1943), a French politician and lawyer Jean-Claude Siapa Ivouloungou, a Congolese politician Jean-Claude Suares, a designer of books, magazines and newspapers Jean-Claude Suaudeau (born 1938), a former French football player Jean-Claude Vannier (born 1943), a French musician, composer and arranger Jean-Claude Vrinat (1936–2008), the owner of the Taillevent restaurant Jean-Claude Scraire (born 1946), as an independent advisor on matters of strategic Jean-Claude Sensemat (born 1951), a French businessman Jean-Claude Simon, one of the pioneers in the field of semiconductor optical amplifiers Jean-Claude Olry (born 1949), a French slalom canoer Jean-Claude Pagal (born 1964), a former Cameroonian footballer Jean-Claude Petit (born 1943), a French composer and arranger Jean-Claude Piumi (1940–1996), a French former football defender Jean-Claude Pressac (1944–2003), a French chemist and pharmacist Jean-Claude Romand (born 1954), a French impostor and murderer who pretended to be a medical doctor Jean-Claude Saint-André (born 1962), a Quebec provincial politician Jean-Claude Richard (1727–1791), a French painter and engraver Jean-Claude Rouget (born 1953), a French Thoroughbred horse trainer and former jockey Jean-Claude Scherrer (born 1978), a professional tennis player Jean-Claude Trichet (born 1942), the current president of the European Central Bank Jean-Claude Turcotte (born 1936), a Roman Catholic cardinal and Archbishop of Montréal Jean-Claude Usunier, a Professor of Marketing at HEC Lausanne, Switzerland Jean-Claude Van Cauwenberghe (born 1944), a Walloon politician Jean-Claude Van Damme (born 1960), a Belgian martial artist and actor Jean-Claude Van Geenberghe (1962–2009), a Belgian-Ukrainian equestrian Jean-Claude Viollet (born 1951), a member of the National Assembly of France Jean-Claude Wicky (born 1946), a photographer noted for his series on Bolivian miners Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais (born 1967), a Swiss entrepreneur with strong connections to Angola Jean-Claude (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter character), a fictional character in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series of novels

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